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What Is a Pool Heat Pump?

A Pool Heat Pump is the best option if you’re looking for a more efficient alternative to a gas-fired pool heater. A pool heat pump operates similarly to your home’s air conditioning (A/C) heat pump, but in reverse. It adds heat to the water instead of removing it.

Heat-Cool Heater Pumps are a two-way option that cools your water for those hot summer days. Heat pumps feature a titanium heat exchanger, which makes them perfect for traditional chlorine or saltwater pools. Titanium heat exchangers are the most corrosion-resistant exchangers, more so than Cupro-Nickel.

Heat pumps are ideal in warmer states, especially for pool owners wanting to extend their pool season. Due to their design, most heat pumps cannot operate in ambient air temps below 60 degrees.

Need help selecting the best heat pump for your pool? Here are a few helpful guides written by Inyo Pools experts:

Solar Covers

Did you know most of the heat energy your heater puts into your pool and spa is lost through the surface of your pool? Keep the heat and save money with a solar cover. Solar covers are a lightweight floating cover that traps the heat in your pool. Install a solar reel for inground pools or above ground pools for easy removal, or simply pull off the solar blanket manually in just a couple of minutes.