Pool Chlorinators and Parts


There are several types of pool chlorinators available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most common types:

In-Line Chlorinator:
An in-line chlorinator is installed in the pool's plumbing system, usually after the filter and heater. As water flows through the chlorinator, it comes into contact with chlorine tablets or sticks, slowly dissolving and releasing chlorine into the water. An example of an In-line chlorinator is the Hayward CL200 In-Line Tablet Chlorine Feeder, 9 Lbs. Capacity

Offline Chlorinator:
An off-line chlorinator is not installed on the PVC plumbing but rather offline supplying chlorine through a feeder tube tapped into the PVC line. Off-line chlorinators are preferred for cramped equipment pads that do not have enough straight pipe or clearance for inline chlorinators.

Floating Chlorinator
A floating chlorinator is a device that floats on the surface of the pool and dispenses chlorine tablets or sticks into the water. It typically has an adjustable vent that allows you to control the amount of chlorine that is released. For example, the
Pureline Large Floating Pool Tablet Feeder Chlorinator, 3 Lbs. Capacity

Saltwater Chlorinator
A saltwater chlorinator uses a process called electrolysis to convert salt in the water into chlorine. The system has a cell that is installed in the pool's plumbing system and generates a small electric current that converts the salt into chlorine. For example, the
Pureline Pool Salt System 40,000 Gallons Model PL7700

Automatic Chlorinator
An automatic chlorinator is a device that is installed in the pool's plumbing system and uses a dial or control panel to regulate the amount of chlorine that is released into the water. It can be programmed to release chlorine at specific times of the day or in response to certain conditions, such as when the pH level is too high. The Stenner Liquid Chemical Feeders Are examples of liquid chlorine feeders.

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