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AquaCal Heat Pumps

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AquaCal TropiCal
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T115 AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump, 112,000 BTU - Model T115
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Normally $5,351.00!

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AquaCal Heat Wave SuperQuiet
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SQ166R AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet Heat And Cool Pump, 126,000 BTU - Model SQ166R
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Normally $7,107.00!
SQ145 AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet Heat And Cool Pump, 119,000 BTU - Model SQ145
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SQ125 AquaCal HeatWave SuperQuiet Heat And Cool Pump, 101,000 BTU - Model SQ125
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AquaCal HeatWave Heat Pumps

Designed with the customer in mind.  HeatWave pumps bring the warmth of the tropics or the refreshing cool Mountains to your backyard or community swimming pool and spa.  By utilizing the natural warmth of the air, HeatWave gives you optimum return on your energy dollar.





HeatWave ICE BREAKER Heat Pump

The perfect heat pump for colder climates. The ICE BREAKER will keep working in temperatures near freezing. The ICE BREAKER keeps working when other heat pumps become ineffective do to cold weather. The ICE BREAKER also will cool your pool with a flick of a switch.

AquaCal TropiCal Heat Pump.

Family fun... from playful days to relaxing evenings, AquaCal TropiCal will bring warmth to your pool, turning your backyard into a Tropical Oasis.